Thursday, July 29, 2010

Berry Mixte and Guarded Skirts

First off, aside from just throwing the crochet skirt guard on and attaching it with file clips (I have the other clips that I'm going to use once I paint them black) I would say that this project is finished! (For those who were interested, I am going to set up an Etsy shop where you can commission a custom guard. I am also working out another, simpler lace guard.) I need to fidget with them and make them look a little straighter, but they seem to do the job. I'm going to see if I can arrange a real test ride soon.

Also, Hedwig the Mixte makes a rather good pack bike. I am house sitting for my boss this week, and I managed to get all of his mail, newspapers and an Amazon box on the Pletscher rack along with the raincoat that I already had back there.

Then, I noticed that his Blueberry bushes had quite a lot of fruit on them, so I helped myself to what was there. The only thing I could find to bring it all home was a pretzel barrel. Worked out well! I was afraid that I might loose the barrel on the ride home, but it stayed put.

I'm going to be eating blueberries for FOREVER. I already have pounds of them in the freezer. :)


  1. The dressguard looks great and I look forward to seeing your Etsy shop too:)I'll make sure to link to it from my blog too!!

    Everytime I see your Mixte's it makes me want one even more

  2. Yay, it's done! Beautiful!! I love that you're going to commission them. So many people need skirt guards and they're practically impossible to find.

    That is a lot of blueberries! Hedwig is looking lovely and clever.

  3. Oh gosh, I love this skirt guard! Great job, truly!

    Oh and I'll gladly take some of those blueberries off your hands : )

  4. Blueberry preserves are so simple!
    3 c blueberries,
    1 c sugar,
    10 pods cardomom, 1 tbs, ginger.
    Cook 1 hour over low heat, or until it passes the "wrinkle test" on a frozen plate. Put in canning jars and process 10 minutes.
    (makes 2 half pints)

    I love the skirt guards too- I've been thinking of something simpler, and am planning on using fishing lure snaps for the connectors.

  5. Cycler - Thanks for the recipe! I may give that a go. :)

  6. Wow, the skirt guard turned out so beautifully, Amy. It is absolutely gorgeous and looks great on your bike. Are they/you on Ravelry, by any chance? I imagine you would find a great deal of interest on there, too.

    Cycler, you had me at cardomom pods, 10.

  7. neibourtease - I am on Raverly (darkandstormyday)! Though a pattern for the guard is not. Yet. :) Once I'm certain that I'm happy with it I'll decipher my notes and write up a pattern.