Friday, July 16, 2010

Skirt guard status update

Sorry, no pictures of anything new right now. The guard is still taped to the bicycle. BUT, I have ordered something that may be the ticket for attaching it to the fender. I am waiting for that to arrive, and have decided not to crochet the other side until I know if this is going to work or not. Just in case I need to make some minor changes. In the mean time, I've been playing with some other crochet skirt guard ideas! I've got two other patterns that I'm working out, both of which are wider at the top (so as to go further back along the fender), and can easily be made to fit bicycles with either 26 or 28 inch wheels! They're not flowery like guard 1.0, and a little more open. I stared at the first one so long that it's now starting to remind me of old crochet curtains or something. So I'm designing some that have less surface area and are a little more classy. Check back soon! I may have some pictures before the weekend is out. :)

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