Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pigwidgeon and Her Bicycle

Pigwidgeon likes to sit on the Fuji. I say "her" bicycle because, well, she's always on it. Whenever I'm in the kitchen doing anything, she's right there. Hanging out on her bicycle. 

Sometimes she sits in the basket:

Sometimes she sleeps in the basket:

Sometimes she sits on the saddle, just observing...

But lately she has discovered chasing her tail from up high on the saddle: 

This makes cycling cat #2 in our house. Though, Tesla hasn't gotten to ride his Pashley since it went to live outside. Poor Tesla... 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Goings On As Of Late

We're in the middle of prom season, and the beginning of wedding season, so I've been working tons of overtime, leaving me too brain dead. So here's a couple of weeks worth of what's been been going on.

Spring happened!

Which means there are lots of birds to taunt the cats.

Pigwidgeon took up residence in the Fuji basket.

I made a set of green dress guards for someone.

Which matched quite nicely with their bike.

I wore short shorts with leg warmers.

We took a detour.

And sunk in the gravel.

We saw ducklings.

And met a friendly spider.

And wore jaunty hats.

With hobbit shorts.

Discovered that, after removing the basket from the Pashley, it can actually, just barely, fit in the back of a Kia.

Which means that I can now haul it over to Kingsport to ride the Greenbelt. :)

Also, it looks naked without the basket.

And lastly, I can only manage Panda "boob shots" apparently...