Monday, July 19, 2010

Getting closer!

Well, here it is!

Please excuse the use of file clips, as my other possible solution has not arrived yet. I have to say I'm very happy with this design. It looks a bit more elegant than the previous, is easier to adapt to different sizes, and is easier to shape around caliper brakes. I may still dink around with this one some to create a little more room for the long brake pads I have on this bike, but other than that I am quite pleased!

Now I am just wondering how well this will work in the long run, since I used cotton. Will it want to sag if it gets soaked in the rain? Should I wash and dry in the dryer to "pre-shrink" it before use? I've soaked it and blocked it heavily, so in theory that should have taken out any stretch the yarn may have had in it. I guess I'll just have to road test it and see.


  1. Wow!!! Looks great:) I was going to try and knit something similar like a wedge of a shawl pattern but yours looks better than anything I could attempt.

    BTW I have a question about your Mixtes as I dont know a lot about them...would you consider them a road bike as opposed to a bike around town bike? I want to sell my hybrid and i have a lead on a Raleigh Mixte but i want to make sure when I tell hubby about it that I can tell him it will be as fast on the road as his hybrid, for day tripping and such. I probably wouldnt do any trails as I am not a trail biking type of person though.

    Thanks in advance:)

  2. wow, that looks really nice! That will be interesting to see how the cotton ages. Hopefully it will be like "patina" not "you have a rag attached to your wheel". :) Best wishes

  3. I think it will end up looking tea-stained, which is a good thing, in my mind.