Thursday, November 25, 2010

Delivered by a Turkey, not a Stork

For about 6 months or so now, I've been saving up for a new bicycle. I've needed something sturdy, with brakes that will be sure to stop in the rain and snow. With lights that won't die on me in the night. Something that can carry a load, and yet still get me through the hills. Something that I can also ride in both business clothes, and also can carry me out to the barn. It needs to be comfortable and attractive as well. I started saving, not knowing what I was going to end up buying, and the only way I can actually save money is the old fashioned way. Cash. In a box that I can't get the cash back out of without destroying. A piggy bank, that isn't a cute little pig.

So I made this box and it has set on my dresser for the last 6 months collecting whatever amounts of cash I can spare. Yes, that's an Oma pictured on it, for inspiration. I went back and forth on whether or not to buy and Oma or a Pashley. The Oma's are wonderfully tough and would be ideal for bad weather and carrying loads. The 8 speed hub might even make the Oma a practical bicycle for commuting in the hills. However, I chose the Pashley. I have wanted a Pashley for a LONG time. Longer even than I've been riding. The practical reasons that I chose the Pashley are this: Being slightly lighter and having a smaller frame that is closer in geometry to my Hercules, which would have been perfect if not for the total lack of brakes in the rain.

Today is my birthday, and knowing that I had saved up about half of the funds I need for my Pashley, my husband gave me the best present ever: the rest of the money + some for accessories! AND my Pashley has already been ordered. However, I won't be receiving it until probably sometime in Janurary, as the shop we ordered it from thought that they still had one in stock, but were mistaken had had the wrong color. So mine will be coming in on the next shipment. But still, I'M FINALLY GETTING MY PASHLEY! :)

So, that means that the time has finally come to open the box.

And get out the money. :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pining for my Bicycle

For the last two days I've had to take advantage of our newly repaired car to run some errands that I just can't do by bicycle. Mainly hauling summer gear from the barn and bringing in winter gear. Also, taking one ginger feline to visit her favorite vet. This means that I haven't been able to ride my usual 10 miles to the barn and back. Though the car is handy for hauling things, and transporting irate felines, I've come to the conclusion that I HATE driving. It makes my back hurt. It makes me grumpy. I've missed the cold night air, the adrenaline, feeling the blood pump through my veins, the sounds and smells of the night. Cars take the magic away.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Otters and New Boots and Tweedy Capes, Oh My!

Saturday afternoon, on my ride home from Job1 I saw two otters playing in the creek near my house! I stopped and watched for probably 20 minutes or so in the COLD and flurry-ish weather. I have never before seen otters in the wild, and with an apartment community that backs right up to the creek I would have never thought that they would want to hang out there. It figures that I didn't have my camera with me (not having a secure place at work to keep things like that I pretty much just go with keys and phone). After watching them for awhile, and getting really cold, I rushed home to get the cameras. Of course, by the time I got back someone was there walking their dog along the creek and the otters were gone.

So I hung out for a little while longer in hopes that they would come back. But they didn't. I'll keep an eye out and see if I spot them again.

I also have a new pair of winter boots! I had originally planned for these to be barn boots, which they will ultimately have to become, but since it's not quite cold enough for them at the barn I figured that I can enjoy them as every day boots. They're Keen Winthrop boots, which have all leather uppers and are wool lined. They're water proof, and I tested that out in this puddle to make sure. I'm hoping that these will keep my toes from turning purple this winter!

I also got a new/vintage wool cape. I love wearing capes. This one is a dark brown and ivory twill that looks tweedy from afar. I'll try to get some full cape pictures at some point. The mittens are a set that I knitted about 5 years ago. They're the Frostrosen mitten kit from Nordic Fiber Arts, altered just a bit so as to be flip-top mittens.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Every evening when I get home from work, Tesla greats me at the door, receives some love, and then wants to take a bike ride from the front door into the kitchen. He purrs the whole ride. :)