Saturday, July 3, 2010

Catching a breeze

So in between cleaning house and scouring another fleece and preparing for weekend guests, I decided to take a little ride on Hedwig in a dress to see how well that works out on her. I had never ridden a mixte in a dress or skirt so I wasn't sure if anything was going to get caught in brakes or fly up too much or what. It worked out just fine, even though the skirt blew around and up quite a bit. Not enough to cause any indecencies, since I lucked out and the hem wanted to catch on the nose of the saddle. Which is good because if it blew up anymore then all of Victoria's secrets would be given away. I was a hit with the local boys too. A truck full drove past and I heard one of them shout "hot damn!". :) Now that's what I call encouragement to get out there and ride.

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