Saturday, July 3, 2010

Just a few random things

"New" rusty pedals for Hedwig. The original pedals were meant to be used with clips or straps or something. Whichever, they were a hassle since they hang upside down and were too narrow to use with the Keen sandals. My heel was always hitting the crank arm. So I picked these up at my LBS. They're rusty, but they do the job. I'll clean them up at some point.

And what on earth could this crochet thing be? Couldn't be bicycle related, could it? ;)

The cabled knee high socks from the Rambouillet/Merino cross are coming along nicely. I've got both socks just past the heel now. I HOPE to be able to get a couple more pairs of these knit before winter.

Tesla does not approve of knitting.


  1. Skirt guard?! Love the socks-- cables are so fun to do! And aww, your cat does look like she (?) could be related to mine. Cute!

  2. Yes! Skirt guard! I'm working out the shaping around the brakes and sorting out how to go about attaching it. :) Telsa would have to be your kittie's brother. We named him after Nikola Tesla since he usually looks a little like he's been electrocuted.