Friday, August 6, 2010


I love military surplus. I really don't know why, but I have always been attracted to OD green and leather. I've owned and loved many a pair of combat boots, field jackets, tents, ammo boxes and bags. To me, good surplus store is just as drool worthy as any yarn shop, bicycle shop or antique store. So here are my newest surplus finds:

A pair of 1964 Swiss military ammo bags. When I saw these I immediately knew that they had to go on Hedwig. Or Helena for that matter. I NEEDED them. And actually, I really did need some panniers anyway, so why not re-purpose these?

Since I won't be able to get to the hardware store until Saturday, and I was impatient, I stole one of my husbands belts and strapped them on. I've been using them like this for 3 days, and am very happy with them. Not so happy about strapping them on with a belt, but that will be corrected in time. :)

They measure about 11"x9"x4. In one I keep all the things I need to get to everyday (wallet, phone, ipod, advil, snacks, camera, etc.) In the other I've got my raincoat (which is a full trench coat with hood), ball cap, safety glasses, gloves and some plastic bags.

They hold quite a lot more than I really expected, or need to ever carry to go to the barn. They feel very rugged. The canvas is quite heavy as is the leather. My husband is jealous. I'm going to get him one next week.


  1. WANT!!!!

    I've heard of those ammo bags being used as panniers but to actually see them in use is a great visual tool... I can imagine they'd look great on Eliza though I'm not sure if we have any good military surplus stores up here, ya know being Canada lol..maybe ebay:D

    I'll have to look for an army surplus in my neighborhood, between these and the ones Biking and Baking found, I need something like this...

  3. Very cool re-purposed panniers!