Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nearly got hit by a cliche'!

So I'm sitting in the left turn lane waiting for some traffic to pass when a tiny little chick in an enormous Escalade who was about to make a left onto the street I was on, apparently couldn't be bothered to turn her steering wheel enough to place her car in the lane intended. Instead, she was just going to cut right across the left turn lane, and ME to make her turn. She screeched to a stop right in front of me, jaw dropped, eyes wide and totally forgot how to drive her car! At first she attempted to back up onto the street she was trying to leave, but couldn't because of the cars behind her. That made her more flustered, so she cranked the wheel around, waved and yelled "Oh my god I'm so sorry!" at me, and drove her car past me on the wrong side into the ONCOMING lane! I realized after she had finally gotten sorted out that I had just stood there over my bike in the turn lane, hands on hips, glaring at her the whole time. I apparently have no fear of being hit, and will stare down and intimidate drivers. Must come from years of working with big dumb (but cute and lovable!) animals. Perhaps this is something I need to work on. :)


  1. Oh great zeus... I'm glad she saw you BEFORE she ran over you! What a moron. :(

  2. I know that feeling! I can't believe the utter stupidity of people around bikes sometimes!