Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hedwig Takes a Swim

Yesterday evening we got hit with a really good thunderstorm. We haven't gotten much rain lately, so it was a welcome rain, but it made for a bit of a challenge on the ride home. I've ridden in some heavy rain, so that didn't bother me. What I saw turning on to this road was a little troubling:

It's flooded! In the 4 years that we've lived here I've never seen this road flood. There is a creek that runs near it, and signs that say the tunnel further along is impassible in high water, but I was beginning to think that maybe the creek had changed or something since I had never seen any high water here. Well, I was wrong. The water was about 4-6 inches deep along the whole stretch to the tunnel. I sat and watched a couple of cars brave it first while I took some pictures.The headlights in this picture belong to a motorist that I call Subaru Chick. I pass her almost everyday, and every time she smiles and waves enthusiastically. She makes my evening commutes cheery.

Things looked a little more dramatic once I got to the tunnel. Honestly, if I were in a car I would not have driven through. I decided to walk through the tunnel, since the current looked a bit rough. Also, I was concerned about snapping turtles. I see them hanging out in this area often, and didn't want to encounter one in the water. There is a little elevated curb along the left side, and I was able to walk on that while walking Hedwig beside me.

The water was over her bottom bracket for most of the way through, but once I got to the end the water was MUCH deeper. About 15 inches deep! I had gotten back on her from the curb, and started to ride the last 5 feet or so out of the tunnel. The water was just at my pedals at their highest point!

This ditch on the other side of the tunnel is about 4 feet deep. It's like river through there! It goes on for about a mile and a half through this little valley until the landscape gets hilly again.

See that fire hydrant in the corner of this picture? It's half way submerged! Nothing like a little challenge for your commute. :)

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