Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Guard your skirts! It's here!

Finally, the crochet skirt guard has been tested and deemed worthy for your enjoyment! You can find it on Etsy as either a finished set hand crocheted by me, or for the crafty DIYrs, a PDF is available there, and on Ravelry as well.

Enjoy! :)


  1. cool! I don't have a need for a skirt guard at the moment, but if I decide I do, I would certainly choose yours.

  2. Although my crocheting skills have hertofore been limited to pot holders, I'm really tempted to dig out my hooks and try this.
    Can you suggest what you would do to adapt the pattern for 28" wheels?

  3. Great pattern. Did you use crochet cotton or another yarn? I'm interested in making my own. Also, I love the army surplus panniers.

  4. cycler - You should give it a try! I've included in the patter steps for making it bigger for 28" wheels. Though, as always, your gauge and mine my be a little different so you may have to add or subtract a row, or go up or down a hook size.

    rosered - Thanks! I used 3/2 (sport weight) pearl cotton.