Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh yeah...

MUCH better:

Unfortunately I only have 4 of these hooks and need 16 all together for this size guard. Then I will ride it around on a bumpy road to make sure they stay on. I also changed the shaping for the brake space. It has more clearance now.

Now I just need to find time to get to the hardware store and pick up something to attach it to the dropouts (I'm using a hair tie right now).


  1. Very lovely! What kind of bike do you have?

    Have you seen these beauties?

  2. Bliss Chick - Thanks! This guard is on my 1969 Hercules (English 3 speed. Quite similar to a Raleigh Sport.)

  3. What hooks are you using to attach to the fender? They are ingenious and may solve a problem I may be having some with a future secret blog entry subject:)

  4. Fiona - Oooo... future secret blog entries... :) These are Dritz 3/8 Hook and Eye Closures. They unfortunately only seem to come 4 to a package, and in this application leaves me with 4 leftover pieces (since I only need the hook part and not the eye).

  5. Amy~

    Thanks:) I may have to::cough cough:: hunt some down this week for SBE did you actually secure them on the fender? did you just squeeze them tight?

    Thanks again:)

    P.S. How many Mixte bikes do you have?? I'm still on the hunt for my dream Mixte

  6. Fiona - Sorry for the delay, the hooks just push on. No need to squeeze them (not on my fenders anyway.) I guess that they are just tight enough to stay on.

    I have 2 mixtes, but only one is rideable. The other is in pieces in my kitchen. :) I haven't ridden that one since I was 15, but am looking forward to getting her back on the road.