Friday, June 25, 2010

There has been a lot of talk about cycling in the summer heat, and how people deal with it and what they wear. My situation is a little different than most bicycle commuters, and maybe just a little bit easier (depending on your idea of easy!)

I live in southern Appalachia (northeast TN). Our days lately have been in the low to mid 90's with a LOT of humidity. My commute is only 5 miles one way, but it's a VERY hilly 5 miles. It's like riding a roller coaster! There is about .5 mile of flat road, in a little valley. The rest looks like this:

Which makes for a gorgeous ride, but there is no chance of taking it easy and not pedal hard. When I was only riding Helena, I would have to walk her up some of the hills, but now with Hedwig I can actually ride up! But no matter what, either way, when I get to work my shirt looks like this:

So, since I work outside and get filthy and sweaty, I change into "barn" clothes. This time of year that consists of gym shorts and another tank top. Usually with a bikini top underneath (to save my bras! Swim suits are easier to washout every evening too).

Then I hang my good clothes out to dry on the bike so that I can have another set of dry clothes to change into for the ride home (which will be soaked by time I get there, but that's fine since I shower and change as soon as I get home anyway). :)

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