Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rain. Bleh.

Well dang. It's raining. It's supposed to thunderstorm all day. I am slowly resigning myself to the fact that I may just have to bite the bullet and drive the car to the barn today. :( After last Friday's brakeless adventure, I suppose that it's the saner thing to do.

BUT that also means that I can hang around the house a little longer and so some knitting! I'm very excited about the piece that I' working on. Photos to come soon! :)


So, I went ahead and risked it, and rode anyway. My husband urged me too (b/c he knows that I will be grumpy if I don't ride). It was fine and actually stopped raining all together, so I'm glad that I did! I had planned, if it started raining enough that the brakes wouldn't work, to just get off and walk. So that may just be the plan from now on.

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