Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sensible Footwear

I have a lot of boots. Most of my footwear are boots. I can't remember the last time I owned a pair of sneakers or sandals. I have work boots, barn boots and rain boots,

dress boots and casual boots. Normally this would be just fine with me, but since taking up cycling as a mode of transportation, and with hot muggy summer days, I've discovered that sometimes boots are just not the right shoe for the job. I had been riding in flip flops, which are fine for most of the ride, but are difficult to keep on when trying to get up the hills. So I've been doing a little shopping around and finally found the perfect summer shoe:

Recently, while reading a post by Dottie at Let's Go Ride a Bike I was reminded about Keen sandals. A friend had recommended those to me a long time ago, and I had completely forgotten about them. So I tried some on, and I was sold!

These are SO comfortable. And water proof too. I didn't buy the cycling specific sandals, just the regular waterproof closed heel shoe. As Dottie said, they are ugly as sin, but I think that I have found a winner! (I can see myself now trying to wear these with handknit socks come winter. Talk about fugly!)


  1. I have some of those Keen sandals, too, bought for a tropical vacation where there was some light hiking. Ugly as sin is just about right! I have *such* struggles with sensible footwear, usually resulting in me being hobbled and/or ruining shoes in the rain. :-( Cycling does help with the first one though; much easier to bike in bad shoes than to walk in them!

  2. I know what you mean. I've discovered now, after wearing these for both riding and walking about, they remain perfect for riding but I get a cramp in my left foot if I walk several miles in them. Right foot is just fine. :/ So they shall remain solely (har!) for cycling.

  3. Hmm. I have been considering these, but haven't been able to bring myself to get them : )

    And I too am addicted to boots. And when I have a pair that feels especially comfortable, I will wear them out to the point that it looks shameful!

  4. If I could wear the Fluevog Babycakes (the boots with the buttons) all the time I would! I guess it's a good thing too, b/c I would wear them out and then I would be sad (b/c I could never afford to replace them!) :)