Monday, November 28, 2011

Do You Decorate Your Bike For The Holidays?

I know it might be a little bit cheesy, but when my boss gave me these little Christmas decorations, I couldn't resist adding them to the Pashley basket.

Though, with just two little decorations and a bit of garland, it still seems a bit sparse. I've got the Bobbin theme, just need the Sprocket!


  1. I don't really do Xmas, but sometimes I'll put some battery powered Xmas lights on my bikes. I need to brave IKEA and pick up some soon. They tend to have solid white or red LED lights for cheap, very bike appropriate.

  2. I love the little sewing machine - so cute!

    I've never decorated my bike for Christmas, or for any other holiday for that matter. But I might be swayed to add some festive ribbon to the handlebars of my new bike!

  3. That's neat :) Never decorated my bike,but I used to do up a little on the tractor trailer back when I drove long haul :)

    Adventure!-she didn't ask about "X-Mas",she asked about Christmas...

    Disabled Cyclist

  4. Cutest basket ever!!! The sewing machine kills me. Well done.

  5. Not cheesy at all - I love this!

    My past attempts at decorating my bike for Christmas have not worked out so well. The ribbon that looked good in the store looked crappy on my bike, especially after a couple of days. This year I've orders some battery-powered lights, though, so I'm ready!! :)