Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Catching up!

You would think that with modern convinces like smart phones and such and increased free time since I'm only working one job now I would be able to post regularly. Yeah, no such luck!

Quick recap of things going on here:

I went to SAFF (Southeast Animal Fiber Festival) and was very proud of myself. I did NOT bring home another fleece to spin! Didn't even look at them. I did get some lovely corriedale wool that will become a sweater for The Husband, and some yarn to knit me these:

(Not my actual pair, but I bought the same colors)

And I bought a big handwoven in Ghana basket to hang from the rear rack on either bike. Here it is on the Fuji:

I also knit a snake for my 3 year old niece who had to undergo surgery to remove a brain tumor.

So far so good on her recovery. And she loves her snake. :)

I discovered that a knitting needle dropped just right into a kitteh's fur can look like it went right through the kitteh:

And Tesla still enjoys hanging out on the Pashley.


  1. I had to copy you and bought a Ghana basket for my bike in NYC.

    I hope your niece's surgery goes well. That is so heartbreaking that she has to go through that.

  2. Much thoughts and prayer headed to your neice,hoping she recvers fully and quickly.

    Basket looks cool :)

    Steve (disabled cyclist-issues with Blogger this eve,LOL))

  3. Sending you my thoughts and prayers to your niece.

    Love the basket on the Fuji.

    The cat picture with the knitting needle freaked me out at first and then I read your comment. Phew, what a relief :).

    Enjoy the extra free time.

  4. Thanks everyone for the well wishes for my niece! From what I hear she is healing up nicely but will still be in the hospital for some weeks to come.

  5. Best wishes to your niece and her family.

    A couple questions, if you don't mind:
    1. What is the pattern for the shooting mittens? I'd love to buy a copy.
    2. How do you mount the basket on your rear rack? Is it easy to take the basket with you or does it need to stay on the bike?

  6. Hi Jamie! The pattern is called Windsor Mitts. I found it as a PDF purchase through Ravelry. The basket came with no way to attach it to the bike (it just had carrying handles), so I took two small leather buckle straps from an old handlebar basket that I had and ran them through the weave near the top of the basket to attach it to the rack. That way it is easily removable.