Friday, November 25, 2011

My 35th Black Friday

Today is my 35th Black Friday. What better way to spend it than out and about on bikes! I loaded up on chocolate donuts for breakfast, we got the derailleur (kinda) working on the trike and headed to the Greenbelt.

Practiced some Panda shots. I still haven't quite got the hang of it.

But I'm getting better!

Or not. Let's try this standing still.

There we go! Obviously I need more practice. ;)


  1. Enjoyed watching your panda progression! Personally, I find the panda shot addictive, and once the panda has been mastered, the danger panda must follow!

  2. Happy Birthday. What better way to spend a birthday than with someone you love on a bike ride? Here's to many more of those!

  3. The panda shots look great to me! I think you got them down. Is it really your Birthday? If yes, Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday (unless I misunderstood?) (Wow,I just said the exact same thing on another firend's blog,LOL). I hope you and yours had an awesome day of Thanks :) This was my 38th Black Friday,and as per my usual,I slept in,left out late,and didn't bother hitting any hotspots for sales-seekers :p

    Disabled Cyclist

  5. Hey, takes practice to shoot photos and ride without crashing. Keep up the effort!