Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sunday Ride

After I finished washing all that wool on Sunday, I treated myself to a little ride. It was already about 7pm when I set out, so I didn't have too long before sunset. I had been curious about riding out to Boone Lake, which is apparently just over 4 miles from my house.

It's a curvy, little bit hilly two lane country road that, like most roads here, goes past farms and churches.

I had mapped out my route on Google Maps, and new that after about 4 miles I would come to the lake, and there would be a long bridge that crosses it. What I didn't expect was a floating neighborhood!

I LOVE these little houses! They're all on floats, just bobbing along with the wake from passing boats.

I wonder if these are year round homes, or just summer homes. I would live in one of these year round. Even though I bet it gets terribly cold in the winter.

While I was coveting the little floating houses, I heard the familiar clip-clopping of hooves behind me and turned to see two horses with their riders going off down the road away from me!

Since they were going the same way I was headed, I hopped back on Helena and off we went to catch up with them.

I caught up with them and commented that we must look like some strange parade going down the country lane. They chuckled as I passed and I stopped farther ahead to take their picture as they caught up.

Apparently that was their first time riding down as far as the marina. They live on the other side of the bridge and ride that road often. I guess they finally got up the nerve to cross bridge.

Mr. Horse looks a little astonished that the sight of me and my bicycle. :)

So we said our good-byes and off they rode, back over the bridge while I went down a little boat ramp to the water.

I watched them cross the bridge from here, and decided that I wanted to cross too. It's a VERY narrow bridge. Definitely not wide enough for a car to pass me, even if I were to get as far to the right as possible. So I took the lane for the ride across. Which worked out fine since no one came up behind me.

By then it was about 7:40, and I wanted to get home before dark, so I turned around and headed back. It was a fun adventure! Next time I'll remember to have Helena pose for some photos. :)

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