Monday, May 31, 2010


Just some snippets of things currently under construction...

A crochet Granny Square blanket, to use up odds and ends and scrap yarn.

A lovely little merino and silk cabled cardigan.

And a Cathedral Window Quilt, which has been under construction for about 3 years now, and is slowly progressing.

Right now all of these projects are living in various places in my living room. The quilt is on the back of the couch, the cardigan is in my knitting basket beside the couch, and there are granny squares everywhere!


  1. Quilting and crocheting...two things I really wish I could do.

    They are lovely!

  2. Wow, I'm so impressed! That merino and silk cable looks amazing.

  3. rebekka - You should give them a try! They're both quite easy.

    Dottie - Just wait until you see the finished sweater. ;)

    Thanks to you both!