Sunday, May 16, 2010

Helena Hercules

This is my Helena. She's (from the little bit of date stamp that I can make out on the rear hub) a 1969 Hercules. She was about to be taken to the dump when I rescued her from the back of a pickup truck.

She wasn't in too bad of shape when I found her. I couldn't believe that someone wanted to throw out this adorable little bicycle! There was just a little bit of rust on the rims and handle bars. Really nasty old vinyl on metal saddle (not pictured here. I had already put on a spare Brooks from another bike). Most of the decals are there. She really just needed to be cleaned up. She even shifted fine!

So I took her apart. Not completely though. I still have not braved the cottered crank. I'll get there one day. I did overhaul the headset, front hub, and got part way through the rear hub before realizing that I didn't have all the proper tools. I replaced the brake cables, brake pads (with Kool Stop MTBs) added a rear rack, front and rear lights.

Later I added an old camera bag for a saddle mounted tool box.

She got new tires (Schwalbe Delta Cruisers) and tubes, and I made some really ugly but functional skirt guards.

After weeks of riding her to work, I got tired of having slippery, sweaty hands on the plastic grips, so I wrapped them in strips of leather. SO much nicer!

I am in LOVE with this bicycle. She's a joy to ride.

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