Sunday, June 26, 2011

So Close! The Fuji is Almost Complete!

I've got her close enough now that I've been commuting on her for the past week. A lot of the work lately has been working out the little things. Getting the derailleurs just right, trying to find a rack that fits, trying out saddles, researching lighting.

For the saddle, I've decided that the Brooks B67s is perfect. I had been trying out a B17s all week, and just could not for the life of me get comfortable on it. I think that my bottom side is just made for sprung saddles. :)

Tressostar tape in orange with, oh I don't remember, 5-6 coats of my husbands house blend of shellac. He's does a good bit of woodworking, so he keeps it on hand. Tektro Inverse Brake Levers, which are really easy to install. I LOVE the way the look and feel.

I took the original Suntour stem shifters and got some VO Thumb Shifter Mounts to mount them to the handlebars. Oh, the handlebars are VO Porteurs (yeah, I know, went on a little VO shopping spree) installed upside down.

Kool Stop MTB break pads, which I'm finding work better than I thought at stopping the chromed steel wheels.

Mounted my Cateye on the fork with a Minoura Besso mount. It's a temporary solution. I would really like to find some lights that I can mount to the fenders.

And of course, I painted in the lugs, because how can you resist?


  1. That's looking FABULOUS so far! How does she ride? How do you like the thumb shifters?

  2. You're so talented Amy! Beautiful bike. I love the blue frame and the honey colored B67 and the matching tape for the grips. It all goes together so nicely. Great job with pin striping the lugs too! Just curious - did you use a pen or brush? Also, how do you find the geometry of the Mixte vs the Pashley?

  3. Janice - Oh, she rides fantastic! Much smoother than the Kettler. I'm liking the thumb shifters. I had to add some washers to get them to fit on the mounts, but they're nice. I think that I might end up moving them a little farther in on the handlebars and adding more tape so I can move my hands more.

  4. Sue - Thanks! I used a brush and Testors model car enamel. As for geometry, they are as different as night and day. Both are very comfortable and I could easily ride either all day and be fine. The Fuji, for being such a short frame mixte (it's a 19 inch) lets me stretch out some. For a 35 year old 10 speed she really can move right along too! Handles hills just fine. Better than the Kettler. Her gearing seems a little wider.

  5. Oh my, she's gorgeous! I love the blue and brown scheme and those brake levers are beautiful. Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing them.

  6. She looks GREAT! I was checking in to see how she was coming and it's so nice to see the photos. Hope you don't mind if I steal a few ideas.

  7. very crafty....and yes, i like those brakes!