Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fuji Dynamic 10 Progress

I finally got a minute or two to put a little work in on the Fuji. She now has VO Porteur bars and Tektro RX 4.1 Inverse brake levers.

Right now I've got the brake cables held temporarily in place with painters tape until I get the placement for the thumb shifters decided on.

Not sure what Talula is looking at in the background, but so far I'm quite happy with this set up. Fenders, new pedals, rear rack, thumb shifters and lighting left to go!


  1. This post is relevant to my interests. :) I love those porteur bars.

    I forget -- did the bike come with stem shifters or down-tube shifters?

  2. Hi Janice! It came with stem shifters (Suntour).

  3. Much dedication is evident in your repairing your lovely blue bike in such a small space!

  4. Ben - It is a tiny space indeed! Good thing I'm little too. :)