Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Getting Closer!

I spent my afternoon like this:

But I FINALLY got the fenders on the Fuji! I bought the VO hammered fenders (45mm). I love the way they look and fit, but OMG they are a Pain to install! Worth it in the end though.

They look great and don't rattle or rub the tires. The fit is spot on.

I got new pedals too.

The same pedals that come on the Pashleys. I like having a nice grippy pedal that I can wear flip flops on, and not get my heal chewed up if my foot slips off.

Next up will be thumb shifters, more shellacking on the handlebars (I would like to get them a little bit darker. Closer to the saddle.) A rear rack and lights too.


  1. Looking good Amy! I'd be over there riding all your mixte bikes, since you and I are the same height... If only you lived closer :)

  2. You put those on yourself?! Holy Guacamole! You are a fender rockstar.

    The bike is sure looking spiffy.

  3. Wow, looks great! I just love the look of those hammered fenders - nice job installing them.

    Where did you get the pedals? I like the feel of those and might consider them for Betty.

  4. Sue - Lol, well if you are ever visiting TN, come on over and go for a ride! :)

    Kara - Yeah, I can't believe how hard those buggers were to install. Sheesh. My hands are killing me. No knitting for me tonight!

  5. Melissa - I found these on Ebay of all places. Looks like the seller still has some. They are apparently made by Bontrager, but I can't find them on the website.

  6. Here's a link to the Bontrager (Trek) site:

    Nice work with the VO fenders! I have them on my Salsa Casseroll. I love 'em.

  7. Spencer Morse: Thanks for the link!

  8. Perfect - thanks for the info!

  9. That's so awesome, Amy - I just bought the same fenders - but I'm going to try and head over to the bike shop and bat my eyelashes for them to help me... ;)

  10. Very nice build! And I totally get the sense of accomplishment that comes with finally getting a set of V-O fenders to fit! Grrr. I put a set of the fluted ones on my Centurion mixte (I call her Sally) and spent the greater part of the afternoon making adjustments.

    But so worth it to see her now!

    It's crazy timely I found your blog: I'm just starting the process of building up a mixte for a friend (who'd like a bar like an Albatross or V-O Porteur), and I was just thinking about what to do with this spare set of Tektro inverse brake levers I've got laying around. Not to mention the Suntour stem shifters I took off of Sally are too nice not to go on _something_...