Sunday, May 8, 2011

Meeting the FrankenTandem

Some friends of ours came to visit today and brought along their newest bicycle. The FrankenTandem.

That's Susan, trucking along on it. It's a single speed, coaster brake tandem that consists of two mixte frame bicycles welded together. She picked it up somewhere in NC and just thought it was too cool to pass up. And it is! For someone's homemade tandem.

We both rode it around for awhile. It was fun, but a little terrifying at first! It just doesn't look like it would be safe to ride, but it held up. We even got The Husband on it!

After playing around with The FrankenTandem, Susan tried out my Pashley. She liked it a lot, even though my 17.5" frame is WAY too small for her.

She also took The Husband's trike for a spin, and I managed to not get any pictures of that. Oops! But she really liked it and had a great time on it.

Fun day all around. Lots of sunshine and bikes and too much lunch. I'm beat!

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  1. Bike party! How fun to try out so many bikes. That FrankenTandem is something.