Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Little Grocery Shopping

Twice today I've headed down the hill to the grocery store. First was for our Sunday morning tradition of fresh made donuts, coke and OJ. I've got my system down for picking up those items, but later on we decided that we needed ice-cream, deli meats, cool whip and spinach. All things that need to be kept cool. It's a balmy 90 degrees out, so I wasn't sure about bringing home ice-cream. The rest I figured would be ok. It takes about 10 minutes to ride home and figured it was worth a try.

So I bought one of those insulated grocery bags that they sell at the store. It fits on the rack and the triple bungee holds it down. The bag did want to slide some to the right side of the rack. So I looped the bags handles through the leather latch on the Swiss army bag to hold it still on the left.

Worked great! Now I have no excuses left for not buying ice-cream. :)


  1. Nice! It is very important to have a system in place for buying ice cream. Priorities!

  2. I hope you got the chance to stay cool and eat that ice cream today :)