Thursday, October 21, 2010

All this week, when riding Helena to work, I've been hearing what sounded like something hitting my spokes. It sounded like it was in the front spokes, and I kept looking and never found anything. I was beginning to think that I was just picking up the occasional leaf, or the strap from my bag in the front basket was hanging down or something. Well, today I discovered the problem.

Apparently I had lost one of the clips that holds my guards on. Today, on my way home from Job 1 I heard the usual tick, tick, tick of the invisible something in the spokes, followed suddenly by a tick, crunch, tick, tick. The bit of guard that had been loose all week finally got caught and yoinked the clip next in line right off! So, now I've got a very dirty guard. Figures that I didn't Scotchguard this set! Meh. Oh well. :)

Also, since the days are getting shorter, my rides home from the Barn in the evening are always in the dark. I was apprehensive about this at first, but since I've been riding home in the dark everyday for just over a week now I've discovered that I like it BETTER than daytime riding! There is this wonderful calm that settles in once the sun has gone down. The night animals start to come out. I've so far encountered a barn owl, deer, two raccoons and a skunk.

It's also proving interesting dressing for the ride home. Temperatures can vary greatly here, depending on altitude, if you are near water, which side of the hill you happen to be on. I'm discovering that even though it doesn't feel like I need a hat, scarf and gloves at the Barn, once I ride down the hill and get about 1/2 mile away it is quite at lot colder than where I started. There is a creek through there, and it's in a bit of a valley so that may have something to do with it.

I do like the look of a bicycle with warm woolies at the ready. :)


  1. One thing I always enjoyed on a motorcycle was the way temps/humidity would change with a mile or two. These days, I don't usually ride far enough on a bike to notice too much change, but it's always fun when I do. :)

  2. I kno what you mean about temperature changes. I'll start out the day bundled up but on the ride home I've dhed the jacket, hat and gloves,

  3. I prefer riding in the dark, too, and feel more visible to cars if I have a good strong light. I agree about bringing all the accessories for warmth - better to be overpacked than shivering.

  4. I can identify with difficulty dressing due to temperature changes. Ours are so extreme that some days may start in the 40s, but by afternoon the temperature may be almost 85 degrees!