Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mlle Moto's First Day Out

Today was the big day! I've finally got the Motobecane back on the road!

First, we went to work.

And she got to sit out by the street trying to attract attention.
I tried out riding with toe clips in loafers:

Which works out just fine. :)

After lunch we went for a quick jaunt.

I'm discovering that, for now anyway, I need to have the handle bars higher than the saddle. Otherwise I get a sore neck and shoulders. This might be also because this bike is too tall for me. You'll notice that I have the saddle as far down as it will go. This gives me just the right leg extension and if I lean a little I can sit on the saddle and put a toe down. But I can't stand over the top tube without being on my tip toes.

On the way home I spotted something I must have ridden past thousands of times! There are some very old steps just at the side of the road.

If you go up them, you're overlooking I-26. Perhaps there was a house there once?

I would have never noticed them had the flowers not caught my eye.

So far I'm really liking this bike! It's light and spritely but just a little twitchy. I hope to correct that by eventually doing a 650b conversion. And I may or may not keep the drop bars. We'll see.


  1. Sweet bike. How about trying mustache bars?

  2. I thought the saddle looked a little low.

    I can't have my butt on the saddle and put a toe down on ANY of my bikes. Not if I want to be stable, anyway. O_o But I'm used to it.

  3. anniebikes - You know, I was just now thinking about that! I'm seriously considering mustache or albatross. Or maybe North Roads mounted upside down. :)

  4. Janice - So far I've lucked out. I'm not comfortable doing it on the Moto though, so I hop off. On the Fuji the road has to be nice and flat or sloping up to the left (I put my left foot down). Otherwise I can't touch the ground. Same thing on the Pashley. If my feet were just a little bit longer!

  5. You'll get used to it. On the Guv'nor I need a kerb to be able to sit on saddle when stopped. When at lights I slip off the saddle onto the cross bar. Slight tip toes.

  6. Nice bike :) On my road bike,I'm like you,can touch down with one foot or I'm off the saddle for both. My moutain bikes are different (29"ers),can't reach with either foto while saddled,not evenclose,LOL! Loving the Moto :D

    The Disabled Cyclist

  7. Love hidden gems like those steps. And I am glad that it is Moto weather! Looks like you guys have many great rides ahead.