Thursday, February 16, 2012

Too long for Twitter

I had to share this. It's one of those "boss is away so we will play" sort of days at work today. The old ladies I work with are telling stories and dirty jokes. I'm going to share one of those jokes at the end of this post, but first I wanted to tell you about the silliest reason I've heard yet as to why they think I need to have my own car, and not just bikes. And I apologize if I'm writing in a southern accent. It takes awhile for it to wear off. :) Anywho, here goes: So the little old ladies are tellin' stories about cars they've had and get to talking about ex-husbands somehow and such. One of them ladies says to me "now that's why you need to get you your own car. 'Cause you never know when your husband is gonna run off on you". Well, I told them that sounds like an excellent reason NOT to have any cars at all. He won't get too far too fast if all he's got to run away with is his trike. :)

Ok, dirty joke time:

Teacher at school asks the kids to tell what hobbies their parents have. One girl says her mom reads books. Another kid says his dad builds model trains. Another boy says his dad eats light bulbs. The teacher says "What!? How does he do that?" The little boy says "well every night they go in the bedroom and close the door and I hear dad say "turn out the light and I'll eat it. "" :)

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