Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Subsurface Adventuring

This past Sunday I got a chance to try out something I've wanted to do for a long time: Scuba dive! Recently a scuba shop opened up near me, and they offer FREE introductory classes. I had to jump on that opportunity.

It's a very scaled down class. Just teaching the basics, enough to put you in the deep end of a pool and let you swim about for about an hour.

They taught us how to add and release air from our vests to determine our buoyancy, how to breathe, the importance of constantly breathing, and not holding your breath, especially when ascending/descending, and how to clear water out of the mouth piece, should it come out of your mouth underwater.

Then we all went under and followed the instructors to the deep end of the pool and played around! They had a hula hoop down there to swim through, some toy torpedos to throw around. We tried out a "egg and spoon" race with ping pong balls that we would try to keep under the spoon. We did hand stands and flips and blew bubble rings.

I had a blast! Definitely worth getting up early for on a Sunday.


  1. I am! I've finally achieved my life long dream of being a Merperson. :)