Monday, January 23, 2012

Getting Muddy

On Sunday The Husband and I finally got to go on a ride together! It's been months since our last ride. The temperature was in the upper 50's (F), and the day started out with blue skies. But by the time we got ourselves out the door it was overcast.

The day before it had rained. HEAVY. And the creek that the Greenbelt follows had overflowed on to the path leaving many spots like this:

Long stretches of mud, about 2-4 inches deep. And long puddles too.

We had a blast riding through it all! The bikes got filthy:

For the most part we stayed clean and dry (yay for fenders!) My boots got some mud spray, probably from riding too close behind.

I didn't have any problems riding through the muddy stretches or through the water. My husband mentioned that he experienced some fish-tailing on the trike. But over all both functioned just fine.

Riding through the puddles cleaned off some if the mud, but when we got home we still had to hose the bikes off. Oh, they were filthy! But it was fun. :)


  1. Those are great boots, btw. Thankful for fenders!

  2. Janice - Thanks! I love those boots. Dansko. I pretty much live in them fall-spring. :)

    anniebikes - Absolutely!