Saturday, June 2, 2012

DIY Rack Bungees

Just a quick little DIY. My rack bungees wore out. The elastic was all stretched out and weakened from sitting in the sun all day (no place shady or covered to park at work). I had these two flat bungees with hooks at the end (purchased at Home Depot or Lowes), and thought they would make great rack straps. I paired them up with these swivel hooks from the local feed and seed/ tack shop (replacement hardware for lead lines/ bucket hangers).

All you do is clamp them onto someplace on your frame, or a bracket if you happen to have one (the Pashley came with these handy brackets) and hook the bungees in!

Et voilà! "New" rack bungee. In bright blue. :)


  1. Whoa, nice idea! I have some similar bungees, and I alwyas worried about those big hooks on the frame.

  2. Thanks for this tip! My straps are getting old, too. I bet this was less expensive than buying bike-specific bungie straps.

  3. Perfect. It is a lovely pop of blue!

  4. That's just too cool! :D

    The Disabeld Cyclist