Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Goings On As Of Late

We're in the middle of prom season, and the beginning of wedding season, so I've been working tons of overtime, leaving me too brain dead. So here's a couple of weeks worth of what's been been going on.

Spring happened!

Which means there are lots of birds to taunt the cats.

Pigwidgeon took up residence in the Fuji basket.

I made a set of green dress guards for someone.

Which matched quite nicely with their bike.

I wore short shorts with leg warmers.

We took a detour.

And sunk in the gravel.

We saw ducklings.

And met a friendly spider.

And wore jaunty hats.

With hobbit shorts.

Discovered that, after removing the basket from the Pashley, it can actually, just barely, fit in the back of a Kia.

Which means that I can now haul it over to Kingsport to ride the Greenbelt. :)

Also, it looks naked without the basket.

And lastly, I can only manage Panda "boob shots" apparently...


  1. OMG! The cats! How adorable :-)

  2. Holy cats batman!
    You have a tonne! But all look so cute...I don't know how you do it; I just have one hahaha.
    PS the pashley is nicer without the basket I think ;)

    1. You know, it's really not as crazy as you would think. The only time we notice that there are 11 cats here is when they occasionally congregate in one spot. Otherwise they're all hiding around the house. It's more like we have a rotation of cats. :)

  3. I love your "slice of life" photos. Happy cycling.

  4. Surely that's a cuddly toy and not a spider. It's lovely. Not the thing of bad dreams.
    Ha ha, and what's wrong with Panda "boob shots".

    1. Not a toy spider! I found it on a picnic table and followed it around trying to get it's picture. Then once I gave up it started following me! First I found it on my skirt. I shook it off and watched it walk over and crawl up the Pashley. Then it hung out on the handlebars and checked us out. I almost wanted to keep it. :)

    2. That's a cute spider. I've never seen anything like it. Those eyes!

      You're not winding me up, are you?

  5. Wow...LOTS of cats,LOL,I bet there's never a dull moment! :) I've still yet to make it out to Kingsport or the Greenway to ride...and we've been living here (Bristol) nearly a year! (just paid the 9th house payment,so there's no excuse,is there?).

    Cool beans on the Pashley inside the KIA. I have no excuses there either...having sold off my much missed Mustang GT ragtop and replaced it with a eats-bikes-up (with the rear most seat perminently removed ;) ) minivan a month ago,nor that I now own 2 folders....soon though,my son (nearly 10 now) and I (if I can't get my daughter to go...Wife still doesn't ride :( ) will make the trip. Heck,I've been to Hobby Lobby how many times now? I lost count ( least a dozen),LOL!

    I'm glad you guys got out and had some good riding,the recent weather has been PERFECT for it :)

    The Disabled Cyclist

    1. Next time you go to Hobby Lobby make sure to bring your bikes! The Greenbelt connects to that same shopping center just behind the Petsmart.

  6. I love spring...

    Your cats are hysterical and I love that picture...

    Found out that Speed Liners were made by Columbia and nice dress guards...

    Your Pashley is lovely with or without a basket ...

    Nice boobs ...:)

  7. P.S. I'll admit it ... I had to take a double take and blow up the spider picture just to make sure it wasn't real. And the jaunty hat ... At first I thought there was a yellow feather sticking out of the hat :). Man I need to get stronger glasses.

    Have a great week!!

    1. Oh, it's real alright! And quite friendly. Maybe he could use a feather for the hat... :)