Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Scenic Route

I finally got back on my bikes today after dealing with the first nasty head/chest cold of the season. It feels so good to ride again!

I'm beginning to really like this route as compared to my usual. It's got a longer, steeper hill, but strangely it seemed easier today. Granted, this was the first time riding the Fuji up it. Maybe there's something about this bike that makes it easier to ride uphill? The only other bike I've ridden on it is the Kettler, which is also a 10 speed mixte, but has 27" wheels with skinny little 23mm (?) tires. It's aluminum whereas the Fuji is steel with 700c 35mm. I dunno. Maybe I'm still just sick and delusional. :)

Also, I just found this image amusing:

Bicycle, field of tobacco, school. Three things that are never encouraged to go together. Really only two should. :)


  1. What a beautiful place and that bike. I'm sure you really enjoyed that ride.

  2. Thanks Robert! It really is a beautiful area.

  3. So pretty! Glad you're feeling better, I was sick for a while there too.

  4. Not really a comment about this post--just commenting on the current one--

    Just found you thanks to the Mixed Baby Greens blog (I always figure bloggers are curious about what leads readers to their pages--I know I am!). I've been building a list of women bike bloggers since last fall and will add a link to yours the next time I update the page. Well over 500 and growing! (, @WomenBikeBlogs on Twitter,

    Over time I'm creating a news feed from the blogs to the Twitter and FB accounts and you'll get added. I also feature a blog a day. I hope it helps you grow your readership. Happy blogging!