Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Rear Rack and More Dressguards

My new rack for the Fuji arrived yesterday! After much searching around for a simple rack with legs short enough for the Fuji's small frame I finally just went for if and got the VO Constructeur rack.

I had to forego the traditional method of attachment (drilling holes in the fender and screwing the rack to the fender) as the tangs are too long to clear the quick release on the hubs.

I really didn't feel like messing about with cutting, filling and drilling, so I went over to my LBS and got a bracket that mounts to the frame where the rear fender bracket mounts.

Which has worked out well, ANC saved md from drilling. I guess I was just in an instant gratification mood that day. :)

It looks much better, fits much better and I hope that in the long run it will work much better than the rusty old Pletscher rack I had on before.

Also, I've been assembling guards! I've got two sets of the Netted guards almost ready to go out, and will be starting another set in a lovely cream color with hooks! I'm excited to see how that one turns out.


  1. i love that handlebar mirror! my old handlebars fit the clamp that came with, but on my new set up it didn't. i've since lost all parts except for the actual mirror. any ideas on how to attach it?

  2. Ridonkulus - I'm really not sure how I would go about attaching one without the clamp. Maybe a P clamp?